Garden Palace Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria

Lavish birthday party in Gatsby style

lavish birthday party in Gatsby style at Garden Palace Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria - burlesque - destination wedding planner - jewish - birthday party

Garden Palace Liechtenstein, Vienna, Austria

For over 300 years, the GARDEN PALACE and the CITY PALACE of the princely family of Liechtenstein are deeply rooted in Vienna’s history. Both palaces are still privately owned by the princely family.

The GARDEN PALACE with its magnificent gardens is available for hire as an exclusive venue for events of the highest level. The stunning symbiosis of nature, architecture and masterpieces of art history as well as extraordinary event concepts convey an impression of aristocratic life. A selection of masterpieces of the private art collection of the Prince von und zu Liechtenstein from the early Renaissance to the High Baroque era.

The Liechtenstein Garden Palace is home to one of the world's largest and most important private art collections.

Dating back to the 17th century, the Princely Collections are rooted in the Baroque ideal of princely patronage of the arts. For generations, the House of Liechtenstein has consistently nurtured this ideal, systematically adding to the holdings.

Prince Johann I of Liechtenstein established in the Garden Palace the first gallery to be opened to the public (subject to an admission fee) in 1810. Nowadays, exclusive guided tours of the Princely Collections offer impressive insights into more than 400 years of artistic patronage.

A hundred years later describes the novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald the lavish parties in the Jazz and Swing Age on Long Island, near New York City.The Great Gatsby is synonymous with parties, glitz and glamour. Another hundred years later we transformed our venue into the glamour of a Great Gatsby Ball with stunning backdrops, art deco props, lighting and opulent Golden Palm Trees.

Party like Gatsby - Soirée Royale

Dress your finest and immerse yourselves to the fullest, as your step through the doors to J. Gatsby’s residence and enter the kaleidoscopic world of the 1920s. Join the glamour, the scandal and the madness - encounter marvelous performers from Gatsby’s inner circle, enjoy an event full of burlesque, live music, opulent decor, and party to modern classics with a Gatsby twist ‘till the sun rises.

Lavish birthday party in Gatsby style

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