Private events in Sardinia


Until the late 1950s, Sardinia’s fabled Costa Smeralda – a rugged stretch of limpid, azure waters and powder-soft white sand between the gulfs of Arzachena and Cugnana on the north-east coast of the island – was known only to locals and a select band of yacht-owners. But in 1958, Prince Karim Aga Khan IV ‘discovered’ the remote coastline and set about developing an eco-sensitive paradise with the most lavish private events in Sardinia; Princess Margaret and others soon followed.

The result has undertones of a theme-park, but an undeniably tasteful one, and the low-rise pastiche village complexes at least do not mar the beauty of the coastline (the Aga Khan stipulated at the outset that no building should rise above the level of the indigenous vegetation). These days (along with the attendant paparazzi) billionaire jet-setters and Russian oligarchs in mega-yachts, royals and stars such as the Clooneys, the Obamas and Elton John are drawn to the coast by its five-star hotels, its dining scene and, of course, its ravishing natural beauty.

But it’s not all glitz and glam; the beguiling mountainous hinterland is full of archeological sites built by the ancient Nuragic people, and the attractive villages of Arzachena and San Pantaleo provide a more genuinely Sardinian foil to the artifice on the coast.

Private Events in Sardinia- The Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu

This event was a showcase to put Poltu Quatu as a gem at the Costa Smeralda coast to put it in the spot light for Private Events in Sardinia. This beautiful hidden bay with it’s port is the perfect venue for events with mediterranean feeling. Arrival by private yacht with the Grand Hotel Poltu Quatu as the luxury over night venue as a framing. The event was organised by the international well known Monica Balli. Together with star photographer Sam Sacramento she’s creating dream photos. In the focus on this event was la dolce vita- and what would fit better than the table wear from Versace, together with the stunning floral arrangements from Timo Bolte. Local Flowers are creating a stunning typical Sardinian atmosphere and the scent of lemons keeps the memories of this luncheon for much longer than the vacations lasted. We are sure, we will be back for much more intimate events like this in this hidden spot at the sparkling Costa Smeralda

Private events in Sardinia

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