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Fashion Florist London Timo Bolte about the Debut of the Floral Trend Color: Scorched Earth

SCORCHED EARTH(#e49e00 golden-yellow) For the Fashion Florist London colors and trends, things are leaning yellow. A splash of orange, crimson, earthy colors, soft whites and greens, all emphasize a balance in the overly yellow palette that trendwatchers see for the next season. A golden-yellow color.

A Sustainable Color Palette

The sustainable floral trend color – Scorched Earth – is represented by a vibrant golden yellow color. (#e49e00). Starting at a sunlit hue, the color palette moves from a bright orange towards a slightly broken yellow where it lingers hopefully and results in a gloomy yellow-beige symbolizing the destroyed earth. The overall mindset in the Scorched Earth themed floral designs is that these main yellow-toned colors – that play a leading role in the color palette – are about representing a positive approach for all floriculture people that will energize the mindset in the floral industry.

With the Scorched Earth floral trend color of the season, awareness is created of the consequences of climate change to our planet. Desertification is one of the many effects and forms the starting point of the color choice of this sustainability topic. A substantial alerting name such as Scorched Earth represents this effect and magnifies the shock-wave the trend color is meant to create. The name of the color resembles the revelation of a place where problems lie. Our blind attack on the planet has changed the foundations of our living world. Desertification signifies the soil mortality of arid and infertile soil as a result of human activity. It leaves behind a scorched, mortal surface that once was.

Talking about trends goes always hand in hand with fashion. More and more fashion retail shops are using fresh flower arrangements to support and underline the theme and color of the current collection. Fresh flowers are a quality statement and highlight the aspect of luxury.

As Fashion Florist London, Timo collaborated with Oscar de la Renta in Mayfair, London to have a look in this trend.

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Fashion florist London

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